Spiritual Warrior Circle





December 2, 2007

Sisters & Brothers

At this time of year we are watching the nights grow longer and our spirits want to do the work within. To go deeper into our darkness as the North travels through the ever lengthening night. We will not be working inside much longer this year, because we look towards the Winter Solstice and the coming light of the new year. Those people who are connected to the Earth will be able to feel the stirring of energy beneath the blanket of snow, others a little later in the year. The part that really counts is, as we know, the coming light will warm the earth & warm our spirits to make the present day’s work just that much more doable, and maybe just a little more acceptable to the human part of ourselves. As we all learn it in time, the human part is the part that has to get in harmony with feeling anything and all things.

From my life we have learned to trust in creator and hang on for the ride of my life because, even if it is the same lesson, we are feeling the way it comes to us is different. Different is not good or bad it is just different so we hang on and try to enjoy the ride.

Love & Light Moon Bear